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Valencia CF photographer Lázaro de la Peña on the art of the perfect social media shot

January 24, 2020
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Valencia CF was one of Blinkfire’s first customers back in 2015 — and still are today. While we’re in awe of the team’s great athletes and the plays they make on the field, we’ve become groupies of one member of Valencia CF’s organization: their photographer. Meet Lázaro de la Peña. He’s been Valencia CF’s photographer for more than 12 years. Lázaro’s work is often used as social media best practices when we meet with partners — from training photos where a player is set against the backdrop of an adboard to in-game action photos like goal celebrations.

Our team in Valencia sat down with Lázaro to learn more about his photography, relationship with the players, and the elements of a great photo. Take a read through the Q&A, and browse some of his work — you’ll understand why Lázaro‘s so popular amongst the Blinkfire team and his peers.

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