About us

The team behind the data

We evaluate sports, media, and entertainment sponsorships across social, digital, and over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Using Blinkfire’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, and proprietary computer vision technology capabilities, we empower organizations, leagues, federations, teams, players, and brands with the tools and data to measure social and digital media value and sponsorship exposure.

Our Story

Founded by Steve Olechowski and Juan Luis Hortelano in 2013, Blinkfire Analytics was built at the intersection of digital media and sports. Go to any sporting event -- and the people aren’t always watching the field or pitch, but rather their phones. With backgrounds in advertising, digital, and tech, Blinkfire’s founders capitalized on their love of sports and the rise of social and digital media as it relates to sponsorship.

Meet the team

Blinkfire Analytics is a platform powered by experts in digital media analytics and social sponsorship valuation. Based in Chicago and Valencia, we’re passionate about all things sports, marketing, and technology.