Blinkfire Benchmarking™

Elevate your sponsorship game with unparalleled insights on sponsorship asset performance.

Benchmark brand exposure across the top leagues in the world. Rank sponsorship assets, digital activations and social metrics from a single portal in real-time.

Blinkfire Benchmark to find out athlete and teams sponsorshiip exposure

Data-driven insights and comparative analytics on sponsorship and asset performance across LALIGA, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and NFL.

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Sponsorship Assets

Keep track of the best-performing assets across various sports leagues and teams.

  • Understand sponsorship activations across brand categories and industries when selling and renewing deals.

  • Compare teams' sponsorship and investment strategies for branded assets and activations.

  • Categorize and rank assets like jersey, LED adboard, and dasherboard based on performance across leagues.

Blinkfire benchmarking for sponsorship assets

Audience & Reach

Manage and optimize comparative social media data.

  • Quickly compare social metrics like followers, video views, engagement, and impressions.

  • Segment data by specific KPIs for detailed analysis and adjust strategies for better growth.

  • Provide performance snapshots of various content or campaigns by audience reach and engagement.

Blinkfire benchmarking for audience and reach comparisons

Brand Exposure

Identify properties driving value for brands and competitors.

  • Benchmark overall media exposure driven for brands by property, KPIs, and more.

  • Analyze the effectiveness and performance of sponsorships in different leagues and teams.

  • Develop customized reports based on the defined objectives and relevant metrics for new brand deals.

Blinkfire brand exposure to track and compare

Research Insights & Best Practices

Comprehensive data for sports and entertainment.

  • Understand the current trends in sports and entertainment to identify emerging opportunities.

  • Assess the performance of individual teams and players to gauge their marketability.

  • Analyze the performance of content series to identify what drove the most exposure, engagement, and value.

Blinkfire Research & Insights to do more in-depth analysis

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