Blinkfire Inventory Manager

The most advanced valuation algorithm on the market for pricing social and digital content.

Define, deliver, track, and value digital & social sponsorships.

Manage deals, deliverables, and goals throughout an organization.

Blinkfire Inventory Manager Cycle

Track your inventory differently.

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Salesforce Integration

Automatically sync sponsorship inventory and assets between Salesforce and Blinkfire to manage the partnership asset lifecycle.

  • Comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring your organization’s partnership asset inventory.

  • Streamline processes, increase sponsorships, and enhance operational efficiency for tracking partnership asset stages.

  • Easily map sponsorship related objects in Salesforce to Blinkfire for seamless asset management.

  • Near real time data sync, so your sales team and partnership marketing team can operate in lock step.

Blinkfire's integration with Salesforce

Inventory Lists

Partnership Inventory, Made Simple.
Stay up-to-date on inventory items, from social and digital to physical and custom.

  • Sell partnership assets better, with more flexibility.

  • Segment assets by property, brand, and more.

  • Real-time inventory insights to guide pricing decisions.

  • Create transparency and align strategy, sales and partnership marketing.

Inventory Lists

Rate Card

Sell, Value, and Price Social & Digital Better.
Use past and present insights to build rate cards to use to sell future inventory.

  • Access real-time ad rates to generate a rate card.

  • Create a rate card for social and digital based on your entity’s audience.

  • Mimic what the real-time auction prices are based on your entity’s audience.

  • Using AI and machine learning, we predict the price to charge based on future KPIs and ad rates.

Rate Card

Ad Rates

Explore Real-Time Ad Spend.
Fewer black boxes, more transparency. No more questions or confusion around CPE, CPM, or CPV.

  • Access real-time ad rates across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Filter data by social network, date range, CPX, and more.

  • Understand and recognize ad-buying trends and CPXs.

  • Better position your marketing, sales, and social efforts.

Ad Rates

Collaborate and Manage Effortlessly.

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Stay on track. Sell effectively.
Build the proposal you need, instantly. Send to brand partners. Save time.

  • Create partner-ready proposals.

  • Track available inventory and status of proposals.

  • Align deals and goals with your organization.

  • Ensure only available inventory is packaged and sent.


Delivery & Reporting

Collaborate on deals. Track in real-time.
An easy-to-use dashboard to manage deals, deliverables, and goals throughout an organization.

  • Understand goals and deliverables for every deal sold.

  • View automated pacing reports.

  • Collaborate across the partnerships organization on deals.

  • Monitor the lifecycle of a deal, making adjustments when needed.

Delivery and Reporting

Google Ad Manager Integration

Seamlessly connect Google Ad Manager assets to one easy-to-use, real-time dashboard.

  • Integrate your digital inventory with social and offline asset tracking.

  • Pacing reports are made easy by connecting directly to your orders and line items

  • Create a unified, real-time view for you and your team.

Google Ad Manager

Blinkfire Campaigns

Track, value, and report on digital and social activations.

  • Benchmark current campaigns to past performance and other social media and sponsorship metrics.

  • Perfect for social media and partnerships teams to analyze and optimize campaign performance.

  • Self-service campaigns means you can submit campaign parameters instantly.


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