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Standard Liège becomes a social media thought leader amongst Belgian clubs

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Standard Liège, 10-time Belgian League champion, is one of the most successful football teams in Belgium. With more than 120 years of history and talents such as Roger Claessen and Axel Witsel having donned the team’s crest, Standard Liège has a unique positioning across the social and digital landscape.
In 2018, Standard Liège reviewed their digital strategy, and as part of that process wanted to report digital partner value and showcase their success more frequently. Standard Liège invested resources by partnering with Blinkfire Analytics to increase the depth of social media and sponsorship reporting, better execute their content strategy, and drive more value to their partners.
Standard Liège transitioned from a few digital reports per season to a more active approach, adding to their usual quarterly reporting cadence. The digital team developed a more modern approach to their digital content strategy, leading to greater differentiation between Standard Liège and league rivals. The club is now seen as a social media thought-leader amongst Belgian clubs.
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Year-over-year growth in partner's social media exposure value (2018 v 2019)
Year-over-year earned media increase across Standard Liège's social channels (2018 v 2019)

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