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Blinkfire Analytics Esports Q1 2021 Insights Report

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Welcome to the Blinkfire Analytics Esports Q1 2021 Insights Report, a quarterly recap for digital media and sponsorship in esports. There's been massive growth in market revenue, livestreaming content, and fan following, plus substantial investments from brands who, now more than ever, are trying to reach the esports audience.

During Q1 2020, sports took a three-month timeout as the pandemic took hold of our world. Since then, the esports industry has been booming, making a defining, lasting impact — and brands are capitalizing. One callout we want to make: the topic of endemic versus non-endemic brands. That made sense ten years ago, but today’s partnerships are in two phases: brands already in esports and brands that are yet to join the party. We believe everyone can find their fit in esports.

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