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Esports Awards & Blinkfire Analytics: A Winning Partnership

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The Esports Awards is an annual event in November that honors the global successes and achievements in esports across organizations, leagues, teams, and players.

In November of 2017, Blinkfire Analytics and the Esports Awards started their partnership. Halfway through Year 5, the two organizations continue to innovate across social, digital, and esports. The Esports Awards team tracks their social media channels, with a focus on their marquee event in November.

The Esports Awards team tracks their social media channels, focusing on the actual event that takes place in November. As social media has grown through the years, the Esports Awards understands that as a media company and event organizer in esports, tracking their data in real-time and reporting insights is key to continued growth and engagement.

This case study with the Esports Awards spans the past five years of events, content, and data. We look at social media and streaming metrics, highlight growth and sponsorship exposure, as well as focus on how the Esports Awards event continues to develop new strategies to post the best content possible.


The case study is jam packed with data and insights, but here’s a small look into what the Esports Awards has achieved on Instagram.

Blinkfire has been a secret weapon in building out our rights inventory in esports. Over the past five years utilising Blinkfire’s services has allowed us to best serve our sponsors, partners, and media buyers by consistently innovating on delivering more moments with brand authenticity at its core.

Mike Ashford
CEO, Esports Awards

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