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Blinkfire Analytics 2020 Insights Report

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Welcome to the Blinkfire Analytics 2020 Insights Report, a recap for digital media in sports, media, and entertainment. We have a unique dataset that provides a comprehensive picture of how content is related between entities in our platform — starting from teams, leagues, players, and their sponsors, and extending to media companies, blogs, influencers, venues, ownership organizations, esports organizations, and federations.

Although we primarily license this data directly to rights holders and their sponsors across owned and non-owned entities on a software as a service (SaaS) basis, we also have an amazing dataset from which to infer both macro and micro trends in publishing content.

Data & Facts

But first, some fun facts about our dataset. One thing is for sure: when you read these industry reports, they are through the lens of the available data that the data platform has, or the research company — which we are not. This report is no different. Some of the data points will be skewed toward our available dataset.

Nevertheless, we think we have the most comprehensive dataset on digital and social media in sports and entertainment, as we believe we were the first to model the taxonomy of the landscape and track it in its entirety, whether the data was licensed or not.

We call our dataset “items” instead of “posts” because although the bulk are social media “posts”, the landscape has evolved within social media where there are “items” like “stories” plus Facebook and X live broadcasts (separate from their video on demand - VOD versions). “Items” outside of social media could be Advanced TV or linear broadcasts and web pages, as well as mobile app pages. We also cover a number of Asian social media channels that tend to publish “messages” which are published to subscribers.

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The dataset starts on
January of 2013
Things didn't get going until
January of 2014

In 2014, we were adding between 50k-70k items per day
Starting January of 2015 we were adding 150k-200k items daily, which continues to be our steady state.

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