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How SD Huesca turned its armband tribute for opponents into a successful digital sponsorship asset

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For the past three seasons, SD Huesca, a Spanish club in LaLiga’s second division, creatively used their captain's armband to pay tribute to their opponents. The armband design included the Huesca's crest and a unique characteristic about the team they would face. Because of the attention the armband received from fans, SD Huesca won the Agripina award in 2019 and 2021.


Across SD Huesca’s social networks, content highlighting the armband achieved the most engagement. After three seasons, the team’s social media and partnerships departments realized they needed to pivot to avoid repetition. They then decided to transform the armband into a sponsored digital asset with a clear message: symbolizing emotion and fandom, with a meaningful tie to the sponsor.


SD Huesca found a way to align its most valuable content (the armband series) with the objectives of its main sponsor Huesca La Magia, a tourism brand. The idea for the armband was to show characteristics of Huesca’s province along with the other cities the team visited during each away game. Huesca La Magia was the perfect ‘match’ to continue generating successful content on social media while promoting the city. The travel company participated in campaign activations in the cities the team played, driving awareness for the brand. Through Blinkfire Inventory Manager, SD Huesca has tracked performance data for Huesca La Magia, seeking to increase the value of the sponsorship.

“With Blinkfire Analytics, we managed to have an inventory of our content and identified the armband as an asset that could be monetized. Without Blinkfire Inventory Manager this process couldn’t have been done. If you go to a sponsor and tell them that their content has value and that the data comes from Blinkfire, you gain credibility.”

Diego Pesqué
Director of Marketing & Communications, SD Huesca

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