Blinkfire 2022 Insights Report

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Welcome to the Blinkfire 2022 Insights Report, our recap on data and stories across sports, social media, digital media, and sponsorships.

Our 2022 Insights Report covers data from Blinkfire across social media (we currently cover 17 social media networks), digital, broadcast, and OTT platforms. One cool stat to discuss at the water cooler: This year, Blinkfire collected more than 55.2 million posts — this includes posts from teams, leagues, influencers, brands, athletes, and media companies. BrandSpotter™, Blinkfire’s patented and proprietary computer vision technology, detected 23% more brand logos in 2022 than 2021.

In our recap report, we highlighted the top 10 brands across specific sports, content trends, ad rates, and memorable sports moments in 2022. We hope this report teaches you something new and inspires you for 2023

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