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Inventory Valuation

Are you hiring a research firm to value your digital and social inventory? 2004 called and they want their model back! Value your inventory in real time to sell new sponsorships in social or report to sponsors the ROI on previous engagements. We support multiple valuation methods learned while working at Google and Twitter.

Track the value of every image or video post with BrandSpotter™ using Blinkfire Analytics patent pending algorithms for quickly finding brands and scenes in social media across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Tencent Weibo. We support images and video, and are compatible with popular video clip production tools such as Grabyo.

With the click of a button at any time of the year have a report with the value of your social inventory over any time period. Only Blinkfire Analytics knows the value of game days versus not game days and other sports specific data.

Visual Analytics

Blinkfire takes you beyond text-based measures of your social media and captures the visual conversation with your fans. Track your team’s image-based social media activations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Obtain insights about your fans' user generated content, and measure the visual engagement of your brand sponsorships using the Blinkfire dashboard. This data provides teams and leagues deeper insight into their fan base, and helps you produce content that drives strong fan relationships.

Determine which images are trending on your team’s social channels and use these insights to discover the best fan content to post on your team’s website.

Media Kit

Generate media reports for your sponsorship and ad sales teams. Now you can arm your sponsorship team with data about the performance of each sponsor’s brand in your social media channel. Advertising sales teams and leagues also use Blinkfire to demonstrate the reach of their digital properties and monetize the value earned in the social channel.

Monetize the value earned in the social channel and increase your team’s ad revenue

Engagement Analytics

Move beyond likes and follower counts to measure your team’s content engagement. Track the amplification, applause and conversation rate of each post over customized time periods

The Most Valuable Followers™ (MVFs™) dashboard allows teams and leagues to find and engage the followers with the most social influence to build a stronger community

Monitor the social stream inside and outside of the stadium and develop engaging fan promotions

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