Measure the ROI of Sports Sponsorships Across Digital

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Brands have partnered with sports teams for many years to engage with passionate fans and enhance their brand equity. Today social media allows fans to engage directly with teams and brands like never before, and the majority of this interaction occurs via mobile devices and posting visual images. Blinkfire’s media analytics suite provides brands the tools to calculate the ROI of their sports sponsorships for Digital.

To compare campaigns across media channels, Blinkfire Analytics has many different ways to slice and dice your data to compare earned media values with actual spend values across channels.

Our powerful reporting capabilities allow for exporting to Excel and PDF, and to schedule reports to be emailed to whomever you desire, whenever you desire.

Value Earned Media on Social

Whether you sponsor one team or many teams, leagues or events, you can use Blinkfire Analytics to calculate the earned media value of the exposure your brand is getting with mentions, hashtags, Branded Content and visual mentions in text, image, or video posts.

We work with brands to provide them the data to measure and evaluate sponsorships activations and brand lift across digital and social media.

BrandSpotter™ provides visual social listening to track sponsorship amplification in owned and earned media channels. This data helps brands to develop accurate valuations of current and future sponsorship deals across the sports marketing landscape.

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