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The most advanced media valuation system across sports and entertainment.

Accurate, real-time, and transparent valuation technology for social, digital, OTT, and broadcast.

As the digital era continues to evolve, social media, digital, and Advanced TV valuations can no longer be based solely on standard-sized TV without considering the newest digital formats and devices.

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When the pandemic hit and the world essentially shut down, we pivoted to more social and digital activations. For some of our partners, this is still a bit of an unknown area. Blinkfire accurately measured the media value and quantified the exposure and engagement. Working with an established entity – a team who understands the ins and outs of the space – was invaluable for us. We could immediately trust their analysis and insights without any second guessing, and confidently share that value with our partners.

Wincy Wong
Director, Corporate Partnership Marketing, Cleveland Cavaliers

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Transparent, accurate, and simple

Blinkfire's valuation methodology is built so it can be easy to understand and apply. There should be no black boxes when it comes to valuation.

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Image Valuation

Uncover social data to make better, more informed decisions.

  • Mimics ad auctions on social media and digital media

  • Brands are detected with corresponding size, quality, and visibility profiles.

  • Real-time ad rates are easy to analyze, explore, and use for valuation across the platform.

Image Valuation
Video Valuation Video Valuation

Video Valuation

Measure media value and impact of your partnerships.

  • Entire length of video processed, no estimates, to detect the entire exposure of a brand.

  • Using audience retention in videos, our valuations factor in point-in-time viewership when brand exposures happened.

  • Size, quality, and visibility of logos are also factors automatically detected and included in our valuation methodology.

video brand valuation
Video Valuation Video Valuation

Blinkfire Strength Meter™

Device viewership matters, so we built Strength Meter™.

  • Brand size, quality, and visibility by device: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.

  • Device usage is broken down and applied to brand size, quality, and visibility score.

  • Value received is proportional to the device visibility profile for each brand detection.

Strength Meter
Strength Meter Variable factors Strength Meter Variable factors

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